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The Thomas International Center is part of a worldwide effort to reignite Western Civilization as well as invigorate the classical tradition of liberal arts education.The Center brings together the world’s leading ethicists and philosophers to promote international scholarship focused especially (though not exclusively) on the thought of Thomas Aquinas.
There are many facets of the Center today:
  • Online university courses
  • Articles in magazines and academic journals
  • Social Media site for ethical leadership: MoreEthos
  • Online video lectures, interviews and insights
  • Research
  • Student leadership organizations
  • Lectures on college campuses that address major issues and events
  • Symposia and conference programs
  • College-preparatory workshops for teen leaders

University Project

The Thomas International Center will build a world-respected four-year private liberal arts university in the Catholic intellectual tradition located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

As part of its Online University Project, the Thomas International Center launched TICenter.tv during 2015.


This online TV channel provides educational subscription videos on a daily basis. The videos range across topics that characterize a complete liberal arts Catholic curriculum, from Philosophy to Theology, Psychology, Literature, History, Law and Politics, Art and Architecture, Economics, Sociology, Education, Ethics, Science and Technology.

TICenter.tv videos include:
  • Classes from our university courses
  • Short perceptive videos called “Daily Insight”
  • Lectures and
  • Interviews with respected scholars, theologians, and business leaders

Most of the TICenter.tv videos will be available through subscription only. However, The Thomas International Center wants to make the channel freely available to students. This will be made possible by donations and when donors buy subscriptions for students. Please, consider making a donation that will help us increase our cultural impact with students.