Class 11: The Extended Republic II

Political Science

Course on “Basic Principles of the Original American Constitution

Taught by Dr. Christopher Wolfe

CLASS 11: “The Extended Republic II”

We continue our discussion of the extended republic. So far, we have examined the small republic argument made by Montesquieu and invoked by the anti-federalists against the new constitution. We have also examined Hamilton’s response to that argument. We now turn our attention to Madison’s much more radical response to the small republic argument found in Federalist No. 10. Whereas Hamilton attempted to demonstrate that the extended republic was consistent with the premises of the small republic argument, Madison attacks those premises.
Christopher Wolfe is emeritus professor of political science at Marquette University, and served as co-director of the Thomas International Center from 2005 to 2014.  He currently teaches at the University of Dallas. His main area of research and teaching for two decades was Constitutional Law and American Political Thought, and he is the author of various books, the best known of which is The Rise of Modern Judicial Review, which Judge Robert Bork, in a 2006 Wall Street Journal contribution, listed as one of the five best books on the Constitution.