Discovering the Human Being with Socrates

In this daily insight video leading philosopher Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi traces the definition of the human being back to Socrates.

The famous Greek philosopher Socrates thought that moral life is all about acting according to the truth. This statement encloses and reveals his revolutionary understanding of the human being as a being that is above the mere laws of nature. Socrates thought that man is his soul because he realized that we cannot be human without being free from the necessity of nature, without acting out of our understanding of what things are. This understanding of the human being as a free and rational agent is the main reason why he has always being considered the father of moral philosophy. Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of moral philosophy, natural law theory, and Thomistic philosophy. He is Founder and President of the Thomas International Project, President of the Thomas International Association in Italy, and Co-Director of the Thomas International Center in Raleigh, NC.