The Eucharist and the Altar

In this video Msgr. Jeffrey A. Ingham talks about “The Eucharist and the Altar”

The altar is part of our experience of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. When we celebrate the Mass, the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Lord that happened once and for all become present on the altar. Our Lord suffered and died and the altar that He celebrated it on was the cross; for Jesus, the cross was the altar on which the sacrifice was offered. In our churches, the altar is the center of the building and the center of our experience, because it is on the altar that the action takes place, the action into which we enter as a people. Christ is not a distant savior; he wants us to know his presence in our lives through the celebration of the Eucharist made present on the Altar.
Msgr Jeffrey Ingham, V.F., is Pastor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and Review Board Member of Child and Youth Protection for the Archdiocese of Raleigh.