Everyone Has a Story

Santo J. Costa discusses the need to avoid rash judgment in “Everyone Has a Story”

No one that we meet can be described in just one word. Yet, more and more, we tend to quickly label people, concluding that they are unworthy of our time. One reason that this dismissive tendency is so concerning is that we very often lack evidence that the people we judge have the vices we attribute to them. We seem be learning that we do not even need evidence to substantiate our negative opinions of others. To avoid this pattern of rash judgment, the best thing we can do is to learn the stories of others. This charitable attitude generally leads us to form much more nuanced opinions about people, realizing that they have good qualities we could have never discovered otherwise. Fred Rogers, more widely known as Mr. Rogers, understood this point well. He used to carry around a card in his wallet with the saying, “There isn’t anyone you wouldn’t love once you heard their story.”
Sandy Costa’s professional experience includes over 30 years in executive and senior operating management positions within the pharmaceutical, health care and life sciences industries. In addition to his legal practice, Sandy’s experience includes President, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of Quintiles Transnational Corp. where during his tenure he had responsibility for all operating divisions and worldwide business development. Other executive level experience includes Senior Vice President-Administration, General Counsel and Director, Glaxo Inc.; and U.S. Area Counsel for Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals.
Sandy is a nationally recognized speaker on leadership, as well as legal and policy issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry.