Why It Is Hard to Be Comfortable with Change

Santo J. Costa discusses “Why It Is Hard to Be Comfortable with Change”

Many people find it difficult to be comfortable with change. The celebrated author Rachel Naomi Remen once wrote that our society has become a society of mastery and not mystery. What she means by this is that we are so control-oriented that we regard it as an affront to our intelligence and freedom if we cannot control every detail of our lives. We must break this narcissistic habit and recover the ability to look at the mysteries in our lives with a sense of wonder and anticipation. An analogy helps to bring this point home. When we watch movies, we are much more engaged if there is an element of mystery that keeps us wondering what happens next. It is ironic that we do not apply the same attitudes towards our lives, embracing change with fascination and excitement.
Sandy Costa’s professional experience includes over 30 years in executive and senior operating management positions within the pharmaceutical, health care and life sciences industries. In addition to his legal practice, Sandy’s experience includes President, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of Quintiles Transnational Corp. where during his tenure he had responsibility for all operating divisions and worldwide business development. Other executive level experience includes Senior Vice President-Administration, General Counsel and Director, Glaxo Inc.; and U.S. Area Counsel for Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals.
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