Never Accept the Status Quo

Santo J. Costa discusses the transience of life in “Never Accept the Status Quo”

We should never accept the status quo. If you think about life as a road that we are walking down, taking the status quo guarantees from the outset that this road will circle back around, ending right back where we started. The American travel-writer William Least Heat-Moon once wrote that if you end a trip the same person you were when you began, the trip was a waste of time. So, think how sad it would be to end the journey of our life in the same way we started it! One of the reasons people accept the status quo is that they don’t realize that every day is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am not here using the expression “once-in-a-lifetime” in the insincere way that an infomercial salesperson might use it in order to sell you a rug cleaner. We only live each day once, and there are no “do-overs.” Once people understand the transience of the day, they develop a clearer sense of how best to take advantage of it. In this regard, it is interesting to consider how people tend to dialogue with their mortality. Generally, people view life as a cosmic deck of cards, where, each day, a card is removed from the top. The problem is that many people fail to see the deck getting smaller throughout this process. Certainly, none of us know how many cards are left. We should all think of life this way. If you wake up each morning recognizing that the day ahead is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I promise you will never again accept the status quo in your life.
Sandy Costa’s professional experience includes over 30 years in executive and senior operating management positions within the pharmaceutical, health care and life sciences industries. In addition to his legal practice, Sandy’s experience includes President, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of Quintiles Transnational Corp. where during his tenure he had responsibility for all operating divisions and worldwide business development. Other executive level experience includes Senior Vice President-Administration, General Counsel and Director, Glaxo Inc.; and U.S. Area Counsel for Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals.
Sandy is a nationally recognized speaker on leadership, as well as legal and policy issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry.