Reason and the Moral Virtues

In this short video leading philosopher Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi explains how reason and moral virtues interact in our moral choices.

Moral life requires to know the truth of our actions, which is a question of understanding and reasoning correctly about things around us and about ourselves. This is what our moral conscience does when it tells us that we ought to do or not to do something. Moral conscience is our intellect reasoning about what is good or bad to do. Knowing the truth is not enough though. Moral life requires also good shaped muscles that allow us to correctly approach our actions and be able to morally perform, so to speak. These muscles have been called moral virtues. They help us “desire” according to our understanding. Reason and moral virtues are so intertwined that it is often almost impossible to reason correctly without desiring correctly.   Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of moral philosophy, natural law theory, and Thomistic philosophy. He is Founder and President of the Thomas International Project, President of the Thomas International Association in Italy, and Co-Director of the Thomas International Center in Raleigh, NC.