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Sensus Fidei

Fulvio Di Blasi discusses "Sensus Fidei" There is an aspect of Catholic Church teaching that is commonly neglected both by journalists and the mass media...


The Infallibility of the Church

Fulvio Di Blasi discusses "The Infallibility of the Church" The media often conveys confusing messages about the infallibility of the Church. It tends to focus...


Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: The Mystery of the Church

Theology Course: "Foundations of the Catholic Faith" Taught by Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi Class 7: Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The Mystery of the Church This class...


Church, State and the Common Good. Enemies or Allies?

Professor Peter Simpson discusses the relationship between the Church, the State, and the Common Good. Elaborating on popular misinterpretations. Peter Simpson is Professor of Philosophy...