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Friendship and Married Life

In this video Fr. Robert Gahl talks about Friendship and Married Life Fr. Robert Gahl is an Associate Professor of Ethics at the Pontifical University of the...


Catholic Morality: Truth vs. Freedom?

Catholic Morality In this daily insight video leading philosopher Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi explains the link between truth and freedom in Catholic Morality. On August 6,...


Evangelical Catholicism: The Future of the Church in the 21ST Century

Join George Weigel speaks of the life of Pope Saint John Paul II and how he helped the Church rediscover its evangelical vocation. George Weigel is the...


Feminism and Gender Theory

In this video Fr. Robert Gahl talks about Feminism and Gender Theory. Today, many cheer feminism as women's liberation while others ridicule the very idea by criticizing...