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Have Mercy on Yourself

Santo J. Costa discusses the importance of self-forgiveness and mercy We rarely treat others like we treat ourselves. Generally, if someone tells us that he made...


Marriage and the Cross

In this video Msgr. Jeffrey A. Ingham talks about "Marriage and the Cross" Everyone knows that marriage is about love. This is why couples often choose...


The Erotic Mirror

In this short video Dr. David O'Connor talks about the Erotic Mirror in the Phaedrus. Plato offers an extraordinary image of the nature of erotic love...


Lying to Your Girlfriend?

In this short video Dr. David O'Connor talks about lies and sexual relationships. Lying to Your Girlfriend? When a man does something thoughtless and rude,...


Is Friendship Unjust? Is Personal Love Immoral?

In this short video leading Thomist Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi explains why friendship and personal love are not incompatible with the value of equality. It...